Women's Officer

M Parmeswari (Parmes)


The Women’s Officer liaises with relevant groups and individuals to identify issues pertaining to women postgraduates, and ensures the interests of this cohort are represented at the MPAEC and within the broader university. 

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I fell in love with History, English and Tamil literature at the age of 13. Since then, I have been very lucky to have had extremely passionate teachers who guided me and exposed me to various opportunities that only fueled my interests. Upon finishing my political science degree at the National University of Singapore and working at various non-profit organizations, I decided that I wanted to focus on human rights. I looked at a couple of universities and was very impressed by the Masters in International Development Practice offered by Monash. When I got accepted into the program I was extremely ecstatic and have never looked back since!

For my course, I focus particularly on gendered violence which contributed towards me wanting to do more for the women within the postgraduate community. As such, I stood for elections for Women’s Officer. It is such a pleasure and a great responsibility to have been afforded this role and I hope to do it justice. 

Personal interests

Travel! Travel! Travel! Be it to distant lands or just a short train ride to a beach. I just have to be constantly moving, meeting new people and seeing new things. That said, I do spend an awfully long time alone in gothic churches and cobble-stoned streets staring at skylines. I do have a fascination with architecture and will tell you all about it over a nice cup of chai in a café that is so cool that it refuses to call itself hipster.

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e: pm1@student.monash.edu

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