Education Officer (Coursework)

Poornima Wickramanayake


The Education Officer (coursework) is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues
pertaining to coursework postgraduates of Monash
University and ensuring that the concerns of coursework postgraduates are brought to the attention of the MPAEC.

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I’m the youngest of four children. From wearing cast offs to being accused of being the favourite child and being the last one to realise that Santa is a hoax, I have learnt to survive it all and stay grounded.

My first love was mathematics in high school and studying law for my undergraduate degree has always made me feel like there was a missing piece. Studying accounting has left me feeling reassured that I have finally found that missing piece.

I worked at one of the top investment banks in Sri Lanka and while engaging with the Finance department, I realised that I was limiting myself without using the best of my abilities and my flair for mathematics to access the countless opportunities that would have otherwise been open to an individual with a background in both accounting and law. After making an informed decision to follow postgraduate studies in accounting, Monash was easily my first choice.

The close connections that I have built with the MPA staff and the inspiration that I have found in the passionate individuals who represent MPA inspired me to join MPA and serve postgraduates like myself. It is a golden opportunity to reciprocate the feeling of home that I have always found within the MPA to the postgraduate community and to help them develop a strong sense of belonging.

Personal interests

I love Yoga, it helps me unwind and relax. I write poetry whenever I find an inspiration and if I have a pen and a paper, I’m good to go. The excitement of listening to people, discovering their story and lending a hand to make their life better will never fade for me. I also enjoy interacting and providing for the neighbourhood I live in so currently, I am also planning a community project focusing on mindfulness and sustainability.

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Poornima Wickramanayake

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