Education Officer (coursework)

Oluwadamilola Ayeni (Lola)


The Education Officer (coursework) is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues
pertaining to coursework postgraduates of Monash
University and ensuring that the concerns of coursework postgraduates are brought to the attention of the MPAEC.

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As a budding adult from Nigeria (West Africa), I have always considered myself as being adventurous, with a passion to fully explore the world and try new things. This informed my decision to study in a country far from family and friends. I am glad that these dreams are now being realised through my study in Monash University.

My Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations provided me the opportunity to seek a career and professional experience in Advertising and Marketing. This experience has helped enhance my leadership, communication, and organisation skills. While working as a marketing executive in Nigeria, I developed a strong passion for broadcasting. This informed my decision to take up a volunteering role as an air personnel at a community radio Station in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. My growing passion for broadcasting and entertainment also informed my decision to volunteer to co-host “The Cool-off Zone”, an on-going sessional radio programme on Radio Monash.

Through my current role as a peer mentor, I am becoming increasingly aware of the academic challenges being faced by students, especially international students. This also gave me the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in engaging fresh postgrad students on diverse issues related to their academics. Further, my experience as a volunteer for several MPA events provided me with the opportunity to interact with students, and get to understand critical academic and social issues my colleagues face. I see my role in MPAEC as an opportunity to engage and lobby the university authorities to provide the most convenient learning conditions for post-graduate students.

Personal interests

I love travelling and exploring new things. I enjoy meeting and socialising with friends from a variety of cultures. I find myself time for community development; as I devote a great deal of my time to volunteering activities. Most importantly, I love drawing and painting as I see it as a way of communicating in a glimpse.

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Sometimes postgraduate members on the MPA Executive Committee complete their studies and leave Monash University part-way through their term of office on the MPAEC. Where a vacancy arises on the MPAEC between annual elections, postgraduates can be coopted to the committee. For information about the cooption process, email the MPA Executive Officer, Jenny Reeder.

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