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There is no doubt that postgraduate students at Monash see themselves as consumers of the University. Most postgraduate coursework students are full fee paying, as are all international postgraduate students. As a cohort postgraduate students have sacrificed a great deal to undertake their study at Monash University. Juggling family, employment and study is a great challenge. As such they expect their courses to be delivered and resourced in a professional manner. Most postgraduate students come from specific industries with a view of enhancing their expertise in a particular area and expect certain educational outcomes and standards.

Monash University "…is committed to ensuring that its conduct and operations comply with all relevant trade practices and consumer law obligations." This is an extract from the University's Australian Consumer Law Compliance Guide.

All staff at Monash University ought to be aware of the Consumer Guide. Students are entitled to get value for money. Courses offered must be fit for the purpose in accordance with advertised material. Failure to live up to the standard may amount to misleading or deceptive conduct.

The following examples, albeit not exhaustive, fall within the category:

  • Lack of facilities or resources
  • Lack of feedback or timely feedback.
  • Last minute time table changes
  • Outdated material
  • Poor lecturing
  • Uncertain assessment criteria

Any students concerned with the quality of their course are welcome to contact the MPA Advocate to discuss their specific concerns in a confidential environment. The Advocate will be happy to outline options available or simply provide information.

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Concerned about course quality?

More information - Advice & advocacy

The staff of the Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA) provide confidential advice on supervision issues and any other difficulties you may be experiencing as a postgraduate student at Monash.

The best way to contact one of our Advocates is by via email. For those postgraduates located off-campus or studying via distance education, advice can be provided by email, and supported by phone calls (funded by the MPA).

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